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  • Peter, you are the absolute best Doctor any Accordion could have.I know from experience that you can fix any problems the Accordion may have because not only do you know the instrument inside and out but you never met an Accordion you didn't love. Doreen
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"Accordion" ACE, I've recommended you.



Aaron Kula


Artisitc Director, Music Performance & Education at Florida Atlantic Univsersity Libraries


Hi "Accordion" ACE, 

I wrote this recommendation of your work that you can include on your profile. 



"Peter Lapira is an expert on all types of accordions and can repair them like no one else in the USA. He shares his knowledge and explains everything so you understand what he needs to do. Even more important is that he is an honest and ethical person with a kind heart. He will treat your accordion like its his own. 

Aaron Kula 

Titano owner *(Stroller & ]Converter Virtuoso) "


Nov 4, 2014

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